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Who is Patientia Sanctimonia?


Patientia Sanctimonia, Latin for Patience is a Virtue, is a small, English speaking, currently Level 30 Federation fleet. Founded on star-date 90164.93 (July 2012), and dedicated to the idea of upholding good gaming, a family atmosphere, and fun for all. We continue, 4 years later, to feature a relaxed atmosphere and casual style. We currently have a Tier 3 shipyard, a Tier 3 Starbase, a Tier 2 Embassy, a Tier 1 Dilithium mine, a Tier 1 Spire facility, a Tier 1 Research Lab, and plenty of room to grow. We are also a proud member of the Paragon Armada!


As a “family”, we are always on the lookout for active, friendly, and helpful players. If you are looking for good gaming, in a low stress environment with good people then perhaps Patientia Sanctimonia is the place for you. Click the apply link to the left or message any fleet member in game for an invitation. If you have further questions about us, don't hesitate to drop a note in the Inquiries sub section of the forums. For those of you that may be warriors at heart, we also have a Klingon Defence Force sister fleet, Ultionis Sanctimonia (link below).

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